Enterprise IT Talent Acquisition with Camelot IT Resource Recruitment Platform



Klaette upgraded and developed a new generation of PC and Wechat Recruitment System platform iTB1.0, which provides the whole process management of talent discovery, talent retention, talent promotion and job matching. It matches and confirms the "job demand" and "talent pool" through visualization and intellectualization. The platform uses AI technology to empower, introduces intelligent Person-Post matching algorithm model, recruitment robot, talent data analysis, intelligent employer brand optimization and so on, integrates AI into management system, provides more intelligent and efficient operating system and working mode for staff engaged in recruitment, directly strikes the pain point of recruitment process, and realizes group personnel. The overall upgrading of talent strategy.

With the powerful ability of the platform, Klaette's personnel recruitment link will realize seamless connection between the external talent market and the internal recruitment management system; realize the rapid and accurate matching of AI technology to complete positions and resumes; realize the active interaction among recruiters, employing departments and candidates, and open the recruitment closed-loop; realize the difference between them. In the recruitment business scenario, the optimization and iteration of functions and modules; the upgraded recruitment platform will become an important symbol for Klaette to open the top-quality recruitment of IT talents.


User experience is also fully considered in the design of recruitment platform interface. After the candidates log on to the platform, they will get the rapid response of HR and employer departments in the background of the system; candidates can quickly import resumes stored in major mainstream recruitment websites into the system, and find jobs that match the needs, so as to realize the rapid delivery of resumes and synchronous search. Look at the progress of the application and so on.

The "push-in function" launched by Weixin platform opens up the internal recommendation entrance for employees, invites employees to recommend candidates for enterprises, and makes it easy, direct and convenient for thousands of employees in the group to participate in the company's recruitment push-in project. In order to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, the group will give awards of varying amounts to the successful "Bole" who recommended candidates.


IT industry is a knowledge and intelligence intensive industry. The particularity of the industry determines the important position of specialized talents in IT enterprises. Since its establishment in 1994, Klaette has regarded human resources as an important resource for the development and growth of enterprises. Competition and training of human resources is the key to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises. Klaette pays full attention to the personalized development needs of employees and the optimization of project team. The talent construction of enterprises shows the characteristics of full vitality, rapid development and unlimited innovation ability.


After entering the new economic era, while carrying out technological innovation, Klaette has constantly adjusted and established a new talent development strategy. Let the new talent strategy help enterprises create conditions to attract and retain outstanding talents, constantly improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the market, create a good environment for the survival and development of enterprises, and build Klaette into an employer brand with good reputation in the industry. In human resources management, Klaette has won many awards, won the title of "harmonious labor relations unit in Xicheng District" in 2016, and won the "outstanding award of human resources management" in 2018.


Currently, Klaette has a strong IT resource base and an efficient outsourcing resource scheduling system and management system. The full implementation of recruitment platform iTB has realized the digitization of talent management system in resource bank, the upgrading of recruitment management process, the improvement of talent management efficiency, the assignment and appreciation of talent value. As a professional IT service provider in China, Klaette will provide customers at home and abroad with better and more efficient strategic services of digital remodeling and intelligent transformation.