Tapping Into Camelot Solutions On-Demand


Founded in 1994, Camelot is a leading provider of enterprise applications and digitalization services (“EADS”) to large enterprises in China. We offer EADS to large enterprises to develop and implement enterprise applications for various business functions in their IT systems to improve their business process and to enable their business innovation. We categorize our EADS into three business lines, including digital reinvention services, ERP services and industry-focused solutions. Such comprehensive EADS offerings enable us to address the needs of a wide range of clients with different business process requirements, industry focuses and sophistication level of IT systems. As a result, we have gained a diverse and blue-chip, loyal and quality client base.

With the advent of IT technology, Internet, big data and artificial intelligence, both the IT architecture and model of IT management, together with their business and operations model, undergone significant and rapid changes. Camelot faced the same challenge as its clients alike in the sea of change. The question of achieving core business transformation and innovation has become the key priority for contemporary enterprises. It has been Camelot's continual exploration and experiment to lead strategic planning and organizational management model to drive big data, cloud computing, and AI enabled enterprises.

      In light of these technological advancements and challenges, Camelot caters an innovative solutions on-demand for its clients. In the following section we visit Camelot's Solution On-Demand with Jacob Qian, Camelot's Chief Operating Officer.

Efficient strategic planning + operational support system for rapid growth

Camelot offers a comprehensive range of IT services from IT strategic consulting and industry solutions to enterprise digital transformation and intelligent systems, as well as talent support and offshore development capabilities to help advance enterprise throughout China.

Businesses require advanced IT system to tackle the ever-evolving business application scenarios as well as the rapidly advancement in IT technology. "Camelot is in a unique position to help business grow by providing customized services that correspond to true business environment," says Jacob Qian. "Customization is challenging and the very first step to address client needs is to understand your client's business strategy and pain points in order to provide an optimized solution that best suits the client."

      Jacob Qian stressed that Camelot's strategic focus in the next few years will be on the "digital transformation" and "intelligent transformation" related services. Through the understanding and analysis of the enterprise IT development process that Camelot cultivated over the years, Camelot studied and summarized that most clients have undergone four stages of development in the enterprise management system architecture, as shown below:

      Distributed architecture normally dictate the preliminary stage of enterprise informationalization to resolve the information island crisis. Next, companies adopt to tightly coupled and centralized management systems such as ERP for executing and managing enterprise resources. In recent years, "Internet+" begin to introduce loose-coupling models of management system, which encompasses AI and big data while providing a clearer view of their business decision making. As enterprises transform to the next stage, demand calls for changes in IT infrastructure and optimization requirements.

      "Camelot delivers full-range of mission critical IT solutions," Jacob highlights, "which are customized to meet specific client requirement as well as domain knowledge. The key to this service model is our unparalleled operations management and delivery capability."

Agile Operations for IT service on-demand

"In addition to experienced industry experience and cutting-edge technical capability, finding the right balance between operations and delivery is critical to our execution," Jacob Qian notes. "Camelot has been cultivating agile operations strategy and model to strengthen our core competency. Our delivery model has been based on professional implementation team that caters to specific client requirement in the most cost-effective manner."

The following aspects highlight Camelot's agile and efficient operations:

#1: Center of Excellence

Camelot is an agile organization that focuses its strategy on digital transformation for large enterprises. Built around atomic centers of excellence, Camelot's client service team draws from multiple center of excellence such as consulting, design, and industry expert to meet client requirement and improve utilization.

#2: Rapid Response and Flexible Service

Camelot offers a combination of delivery model from integrated on-site, NDC, and ODC for the most cost-effective delivery service. Camelot also established multiple resource centers to fulfill client requirement within our large service network.

#3: Service SOP and Performance-based Ranking

Camelot has obtained highest industry standards such as CMMI 5, ISO 9001, and ISO 27001 for its professional delivery service. Our information security team regularly review and audit project; and organize systematic training to our personnel in order to ensure the security of our clients' information and data.

Our unique Consultant Service Team serves as an advisory and support for our consultants. They provide employee care and logistics support for project personnel. We ask our client to join monthly performance review of our project personnel, whereby their salaries are linked. Monthly evaluation also helps project personnel placement and timely allocation.

#4 Digitalized and Visualized Operations

All of our business processes run on CMIS, Camelot's core operations system. For instance, the resource acquisition and management module (iTB) displays fully visualized view of every candidate available to Camelot, their interview schedule and result, and the number of people queued for position.

Our sales staff can review real-time status of leads, client, sales performance, and project execution on CMIS.

The CMIS system provides a wealth of reporting capabilities for managing project delivery. The "traffic light" feature enables management to mitigate and solve in face of issues and risks.

#5 Intelligent System

Camelot's CMIS incorporates many AI elements for operations efficiency. For instance the resource acquisition and management module (iTB) contains intelligent recommendation engine, automatic resume update, one-click dispatch, and talent map which significantly improves efficiency for the resource team. 

CMIS and iTB are powerful support platforms for Camelot's operations. The CMIS system covers operations process from client profiling, business leads, contract signing, project execution, budgeting, implementation, settlement, billing, collection, business income and cost analysis, and sales performance. On another hand, iTB is a resource operations system which intelligently allocates resources to meet client demand.

Strategy for Deepening Industrial Coverage of IT Advancement

      “At the turn of 2018, Camelot has made significant progress in digital transformation of large-scale enterprises, " states Jacob Qian, "and as part of our three-year strategy, we will focus on client in nine industries involving Internet, consumables and retail, finance, international IT consulting, energy, manufacturing, real estate, logistics, telecom, and media sectors." In terms of operations strategy, Camelot will integrate resources from front-end marketing and sales with delivery and service teams to further strengthen our core competency and, ultimately, value-add for clients. Camelot's core competency comes from its market insight and strategic alignment together with years of expertise in IT solutions while at the same time leveraging on intelligent CMIS and iTB systems for operations support.

      "Our technical expertise and delivery model has propelled Camelot thus far," Jacob Qian concludes, "I firmly believe with our visionary strategy and agile operations management will help Camelot prompt the next of innovative technology."